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Find My Rep Pro Features

Support your sales professionals and grow your company revenue

Discover New Business Opportunities

Find new opportunities to do business every day on our online platform. Independent businesses across the country can access our platform to collaborate with wholesalers and distributors.

When users sign-up to our website, we tell them the nearest business representatives from which they can receive support. That representative could now be yours through owning your own listing on our directory.

Drive Loyalty With Your Support

With our users actively looking to collaborate with you they are more likely to be loyal to your brand. Through your representatives this is an ideal opportunity to offer their support and sales experience.

On our platform your team will be able to use the same features as our users to identify local opportunities. Each account has their own dashboard through which they can directly contact business listings and requests.

Increase Your Market Share

Through working with local and independent businesses, you will be able to expand your product distribution and market share in the UK. Now more than ever, independent businesses need your support and expertise.

Your field sales team will quickly be able to identify warm leads through ‘request’ type listings from our users. This will save your teams time for finding new business prospects and opportunities. Time well spent is crucial in business and by using our website we help you and your reps save time.

Collaborate With Representatives Across The Country

Are you a wholesaler looking to work closer with an FMCG business? Do you work for a food aggregator and want to unlock new opportunities with a soft drink rep?

Find My Rep offers you the opportunity to actively collaborate with other reps in your area or region. Working together with other BDMs will allow you to spend time in trade together to increase sales and revenue for your business. Leads and support can be shared between representatives to grow relationships with your customers.

Support Your Field Sales Team

This website offers opportunities for your business and field sales team. By offering a direct touchpoint between you and your potential future customer we eliminate time for your sales team to go out and look for prospects.

Today, small businesses need support and guidance to allow them to run a successful operation. So if you’re on Find My Rep and someone is looking for support, we make sure they find you or your representative finds them. Don’t believe us? Give it a try yourself or contact us for a free one month trial.

Customise Your Business Profile To Stand Out From Your Competition

If you purchase one of our packages, you will be able to completely customise your business rep profile to show off your support. Each profile will allow your business to add their preferred contact details in addition to other information such as:

  • Add description to explain what your business can offer
  • Customise logo and cover image
  • Add brand images
  • Upload PDF documents
  • Add your support/wholesale description
  • Select the business types you wish to collaborate with
  • Add social media links
  • Access to direct messages

Contact us though our contact form or [email protected] if you would like to discuss our available packages or have any questions about creating an account for your business.