Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is the purpose of your platform?

Our aim is to help independent businesses find the support they deserve. From our experience working across different industries is that there’s help readily available from suppliers, distributors and wholesalers. Yet, not many small business owners are aware. With Find My Rep we provide a platform where the two can connect and collaborate.

2. How much will it cost me to join?

If you’re an independent business owner then our platform is completely free to use. You just need to create an account and start connecting with business representatives.

If you’re a distributor, supplier or wholesaler then you will be required to select a package to advertise your business listing . For more information on our available packages and prices, click here.

3. How many business representatives can I contact?

We aim to add more listings to our website as much as possible to provide an extensive database. You will be able to contact an unlimited amount of representatives, however this does not mean that all are suitable to your business.

4. How do I get in touch with business representatives?

By simply searching in the Explore in the main menu tab or from the search bar on the homepage. Click on your chosen business listing you want more info from and you will be provided with their contact details (email, contact nr) or direct message.

5. How will representatives find my business?

Independent businesses will be able to create a free listing type called ‘requests’. This listing type allows you to create a request for your business (30 day listing). Representatives will look through these requests daily and, if interested in supporting you, will contact you on the details provided. As always, we recommend to add as much information as possible to your listing to stand out from out businesses.

6. What support can I expect?

This depends from business to business but generally the types of support packages include:

– Retrospective discounts

– Plant on loan agreements for fridges, ice machines and glass washers

– Investment & Incentives

– Promotions

– Point of sale

– Staff training

– Customer events

– Supplier marketing material

7. Do you offer guidance?

We update our blog on a weekly basis with all the latest industry news and tips for small business.

8. How do I search on Find My Rep?

You can search for listings through the search bar on our homepage or by selecting the explore tab in the main menu. By using the search form you can filter more specifically towards your business. Once you have searched, results will appear which can then be filtered even further.

9. How do I add a listing?

We’ve made adding your own listing really easy! All you have to do is select: Register -> Add a listing. If you have not created an account then you will be requested to do so first. Once completed, repeat the same steps and select ‘Request’ from the available listing types to create your free listing (independents only).

10. How do I access and edit my account?

Once you have created an account, you will be able to edit your details within your account dashboard. Simply select -> Account details and you will be able to add or change whatever you need.